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Bisque Pottery Blanks| Best Pottery Dishes to Paint

nowadays pottery is one of the most important industries in all over the world. if you want to have a successful industry you must use high quality bisque pottery blanks ,in the other hand paint this pottery dishes and bisqueware plates is a promotion for people.some countries are very good at produce pottery and unpainted ceramic bisque manufacturers and this rank for their material and even their plan of making them. The factories must focus on decorating the potteries too because people never buy an ugly pottery, because of that we must be careful about designing our products to be bestseller and very famous.Bisque Pottery Blanks| Best Pottery Dishes to Paint

How to Paint Your own Pottery?

How to Paint Your own Pottery? Painting Pottery Have Different Ways. Traditional Designs and New Modern Designs. Both of these Painted Ceramics are Famous and Popular. Traditional Designs are Mostly Related to the Culture and Area. Persian and Mexican are Famous in Painting Pottery. the stage that pottery is ready for painting named “bisque”.when your piece is ready for example you have unpainted ceramic bisque manufactures first choose your colors and after that when you are finished you can glaze and fire it, to color be stable.and when you passed this steps you must let the piece dry itself because with blazing just half of it will dry. some painting factories use waterproof colors to did not destroy after while by moisture. After a while you can enjoy your pottery and painting and even sell it.

Where to Find Best Pottery Suppliers for Export?

Where to Find Best Pottery Suppliers for Export?
Iran is one of The Biggest Pottery Producer. So Choosing Iranian Pottery Suppliers are the wisely and best choice for Export. if you want to buy pottery you can search in this countries and even use their materials for have a high quality pottery but because of reputation they have some expensive prices and with this prices you can not work. this problem will solve when you cooperate with some unknown brands but this brands and factories must have a good quality because quality is the most important thing and simultaneously we must focus on quantity, too. Some other countries out of this list are very good too and this art is in their country from very past decades but because of some problems they are not the top, they are producing pottery less than this countries and even with some limitations.

Where to Find Bisque Pottery Blanks to Paint?

Where to Find Bisque Pottery Blanks to Paint?with internet you can find online shops everywhere for painting your bisque pottery blanks and use bisque catalogs, but some countries have some modern machines for painting bisque and actually they are famous and important in this major and have a successful industry with their art. as we said in other paragraph using waterproof colors and some colors that shine and everything attract people.pottery have 3 types that each group of people like specific kind of them. Names of types are Earthenware, Stoneware and porcelain. Each kind of potteries has its formula and material that is special, for example with materials of stoneware you can not make earthenware pottery.

3 Steps to Become Expert in Pottery Manufacturing

3 Steps to Become Expert in Pottery Manufacturing Firstly you must have art of pottery to be expert and know every detail that what things help you to be better at your work ، the second step you should have a knowledge about types of it, how much each of them will costs, what materials we need, how glaze them to have a good shape ،Thirdly decorating is the most important part of your business because if your pottery have a bad face and color and even design you can not sell your products and make money

These three steps will help you to specialize in the production of pottery  but everything is not this you must enter the work and be with potters and even make some potteries with your hands and see the duration of that to understand what things will help you, what things are important and other important points. The last point is the role of potter is very important because of they made that art from the first and they produce that from nothing, because of that pay attention to your potter.

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